What procedure would work best for my hereditary under eye circles? (photos)

I have hereditary dark circles and have dealt with them since birth. I realize that they're only going to get worse with age so I want to find a solution now, as I'm only 18. The skin under my eyes is very thin, discoloured and I also appear to have milia or some sort of bumps under my eyes? What procedure would be best for me? I have also seen lots of horror stories on realself regarding the under eyes.. how do i find a dr that is experienced with this area?! Thanks so much in advance!

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Thin eyelid skin

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You are pretty astute/observant in noting the main issue here: you have very thin and lightly pigmented eyelid skin; so thin that on the upper eyelids your small vessels are visible, and on the lower eyelid the muscle [orbicularis oculi] is visible.
We are generally quite hesitant to recommend lasers to someone so young, but a conservative treatment of fractional CO2 might generate enough collagen in the dermis skin layer so as to decrease the reddish color on the lower eyelid and also improve the bumpy appearance of the skin [probably due to rete pegs within the papillary dermis].
The thin vessels on the upper eyelid maybe improved by some vascular lasers [ie dye lasers, VBeam, etc].
You might want to see the consulation of an experienced cosmetic dermatologist who may have both these types of lasers.
I would recommend taking your parents with you as their support will be invaluable.
Good luck

Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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You need absolutely nothing for your lower eyelid at this time.

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It is very difficult to improve on perfection.  You have very thin lower eyelid and almost any laser treatment that will make a difference here for you will harm the texture of the skin.  It is important to understand that visually, you need to have the appearance of a lower eyelid.  WIth a little light lower eyelid power such as a mineral powder, the slight discoloration of the lower eyelid that is barely perceptible in your photographs will be hidden.  I have done lower eyelid fillers in actors as young as 18.  However, It does not appear that you need this at all.  Again, I think all you need right now is absolutely nothing.  Give yourself a decade of hard living, and then we can talk again and see what you need at that time.

Kenneth D. Steinsapir, MD
Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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