How Can I Reduce Facial Brown Spots?

I have a problem. My patient had a several milia on her face. I tried to peel it by 15% salysilic acid. 2 weeks after she came again with several brown spots on the area which I've peeled before. then I peel it again with 15% salysilic acid. but two weeks after, she came again with bigger spots on her face. How can I reduce her spots? I've tried lactic 45% + hq 2% peeling and kligman formula for home care. I'm afraid that her spots can't recover. Is there any other alternative treatment except laser or IPL?

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Post-peel regimen can address pigmentation

Facial skin pigmentation can result from a number of factors, including:

  • Hormones
  • Inflammation
  • Sun Exposure
  • Genetics

In this case, pigmentation has been exacerbated by a chemical peel and perhaps, hormonal, solar, and inflammatory stresses occuring after the peel. The post-peel protocol is absolutely essential after a chemical peel. In this case, the most productive protocol for skin pigmentation should begin with a tretinoin and hydroquinone-based pre-treatment and a medium depth peel to affect the melanocytes of the skin. Post-peel protocols should be stringent with avoidance of sun exposure and chronic or prolonged inflammation.

I generally am very aggressive with pre and post chemical peel protocols to minimize the risk of skin pigmentation. Many patients are referred to the office after skin pigmentation occurs following a chemical peel from an outside facility. A medical-based regimen in crucial.

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