Proactiv and Fraxel Restore Before Fraxel Repair

How long after a Fraxel Restore treatment should I wait to get Fraxel Repair? Should I wait four to six weeks or longer? Also, is it ok to use Proactiv leading up to the repair and how long should I wait before resuming it?

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Fraxel re:pair and cosmeceutical use

I often combine fraxel re:store and fraxel re:pair treatments. My patients may have fraxel restore and repair on the same day ie. repair for eyes and restore the rest of the face or stage things, with a series of restore treatments followed by a repair. The repair treatment can be performed once there is no residual swelling from the restore, usually within a few days. I tell my patients to avoid use cosmeceutical skin care products 48 hours prior and 48 hours post fraxel restore and at least 14 days post fraxel repair. Good luck!

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