Prevelle for Dark Circles?

Does Prevelle work good for dark circles? How long does it last in that area? I heard it's a great option because its soft and doesn''t create lumps.

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Prevelle is great for the tear troughs but lasts only 3 months.  Restalyne is great too and lasts around 6-9 months.

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Treatment for Dark Circles

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Thank you for your question. Dark circles are very complicated as they can be caused form multiple issues. If there is a fat pad below the eye, this can create a shadow, and cause a dark area in apperance. Then, there is also the possibility there is pigment present, and or superficial vessels. The origin of the color needs to be determined first before treatment choices are considered. I hope this helps!

Not all causes of dark circles are treated with HA fillers

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In my opinion, there are 4 things that cause dark undereye circles:

(1) hypertrophy or thickening of the orbicularis muscle

(2) hyperpigmentation or darkening of the undereye skin

(3) hollowing or concavity in the "tear trough" area   - This is treated with fillers.

(4) small viens in the area showing through

It is best to be evaluated by a physician in order to figure out which of these causes is your issue.  Although Prevelle can be injected in the tear trough, I find that Restylane is the best product for this area.

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Not really.

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Fillers are not really effective for dark circles.


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