Plastic Surgery Safe While Pregnant?

Im in my 4th month of pregnanacy, can i remove my breast implant while i'm pregnant, or while breast feeding? and is it safe to have lip reduction while pregnant? Thank You

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Elective surgery is generally avoided during pregnancy

Both mother and baby do well with emergency surgery during pregnancy such as for an acute appendicitis, but unless there is a medical indication to remove your breast implants now, elective surgery while you are pregnant should be avoided. Most surgeons will also want you to wait 6 months after weaning before operating on the breast.

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Elective surgery should be deferred until delivery of your baby

Hi there-

During your pregnancy, your every thought and action should be to maximize the safety of your baby and yourself through the successful delivery.

All surgery and anesthesia will carry some risk, and as the procedures we are discussing are elective and not life saving operations, I would never recommend jeopardizing your health or that of your baby in order to have them done.

Wait until after your pregnancy.

Armando Soto, MD, FACS
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Avoid elective surgery while pregnant

I would recommend you ask this question first of your OB/GYN physician. I would say most plastic surgeons, including myself, would not recommend any elective cosmetic procedure during pregnancy and would also prefer you wait until you finish nursing.

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Elective cosmetic surgery not advisable while pregnant

Its not advisable to undergo ANY surgery while you're pregnant except in case of extreme emergency such as appendicitis. wait at least 6 months after the pregnancy before elective cosmetic surgery.

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Plastic surgery while pregnant

It is not safe to have palstic surgery while pregnant.  You  must wait until after delivery and probably at least 6 months or longer aftewards or until the body has gone back to normal and you are no longer breast feeding.

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A safe pregnancy is the priority

While an emergency or medically necessary operation is reasonable during pregnancy, a cosmetic procedure is too risky to your baby. This includes local anesthesia and injections with fillers or Botox. If you find a doctor who is willing to do this, you should RUN.

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Plastic surgery not safe while pregnant

Are you looking for problems? NO you can not have ELECTIVE PLASTIC SURGERY WHILE pregnant! WHY? WHY? WHY? Is there a real reason?

From MIami Dr. B

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No Cosmetic Surgery During Pregnancy

While no one would argue with the need of operating on pregnant women with life threatening conditions (IE Trauma, ruptured bowel, internal bleeding, choked hernias etc), I cannot think of any ethical Plastic surgeons who would recommend Cosmetic surgery be done on a pregnant woman. Aside from the potential implications of any drugs given to the mother reaching and affecting the fetus, there is the consideration that any complications of such operations (such as infection etc) may also threaten the baby. Personally, I would pass.

But I am sure the entire Plaintiff's Bar of American personal injury lawyers lawyers would cheer you one and would love to see such doctors in action.

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Surgery during pregnancy

There is no reason to do any elective surgery when you are pregnant.

Concentrate on your health and your baby's health.

You have years ahead of you to do elective surgery after the birth of your baby and breast feeding.


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Elective surgery during pregnancy is not advised

Because even local anesthesia will get to your child it is not recommended that you do any elective cosmetic surgery during preganacy. Put your child's safety in front of these cosmetic issues.

Richard P. Rand, MD, FACS
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