What Plastic Surgery Procedures Can Fix my Asymmetrical Face?

The right side of my face is fairly different in size to the left side. Pretty much everything is asymmetrical. Eyes, ears, cheeks, etc. I am severely depressed because of this.

I just want to know why this happened and if it can be fixed. I did not notice it as a child. It seemed to occur during puberty.

Could this be caused by growing up with a cat when I am allergic? Can it be caused by mold in my home? Can it be caused by wearing a baseball cap too tight?

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Treating facial bone asymmetry

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No, it is not caused by any of the above. Asymmetry is part of nature; no 2 sides of the body are exact mirror images. However, when the asymmetry is more severe, people routinely search for a more symmetric appearance. The asymmetry was likely always present but became magnified with the growth of the bones after adolescence.

In your case, the right side has more bone and soft tissue than the left. The answer would then be remove some bone from the right, add to the left or a combination of both. You might try shaving the corner of the jaw on the right and placing a cheek implant on the left. Whatever you do you need to realize perfect symmetry is not physically possible but a more symmetrical look is achievable.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

Asymetry is normal

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Your degree of asymmetry is relatively normal and I generally would not recommend that you consider correction due to the high risk of over correction or undercorrection.

Otto Joseph Placik, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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