I just suffered acne breakouts after undergoing diamond peel treatment.

Cause i just wanna try the effect of it cause they say its good to reduce dark mark and i have 2 pimple marks on my right face, so i tried it. And then i think i just made the one of the biggest mistake of my life, after it develop more scarring due over pricking .And then i came back to that clinic after 3days they say just normal its not, they dont have doctor in the clinic theyre all like tendants,been 5months suffered more acne breakouts pleasehelp me, i just cant afford moretreatments im just 20yrsofage

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Ematrix for breakouts and acne scars

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I would use a combination of Ematrix RF and fractional lasers to help with the acne and the acne scars. 
Best, Dr. KaramanoukianLos Angeles

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