Adapalene = worst face ever!

Im on my 5th week of adapalene gel .01 in microsphere. There is no irritation, redness, and very very mild peeling. I just have tons of whiteheads especially on my chin. When will adapalene actually start clearing my skin? I only have very mild acne to begin with. My regimen is face wash with cetaphil, differin at night, tyrostat on PIH 2x a day,during the day i rarely apply mositurizer as there is very mild peeling, i put sunblock 30 mins before sun exposure. The whiteheads really bothers me!

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Adapalene is a great topical retinoid that will help diminish your whiteheads and prevent more whiteheads from forming.  It takes about 2 skin cycles or 8 weeks to see true change in your skin.  Stay skintastic. 

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