How to Order Multiple Plastic Surgeries?

I'm considering a revision rhinoplasty, a mid-face lifting, a face liposuction and a laser or chemical peel. What is the correct order to perform? I know that rinoplasty can be done among with mid-face lifting but the nose-expert doctor for revision may not perform liftings.

When considering multiple procedures (that may not all be done at the same time), is there a rule of thumb for scheduling them in the proper order?

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Deciding on the order of performing multiple facial procedures.

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I understand your confusion and concern. We, as surgeons, often debate the order of multiple surgical procedures among ourselvses. There is no right and wrong. However, some areas of the body are consdiered "more contaminated" than others. In this instance the "cleaner" (more sterile) procedures are performed first. For example a breast implant is typically placed before the tummy tuck.

In your situation the nose is considered less sterile than the face but more sterile than the mouth. In your case, and in my opinion, if your mid face lift is performed through the mouth, I would do the lipo first, nose next, mid-face, then peel. If the mid-face lift is performed from the cheek or eyelid I would switch the order of the nose and face

Multiple procedures and coordination

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There is no right or wrong order to perform multiple procedures.  The surgeries can occur in any order but most do the "clean" procedures first. The laser and peel procedures should go last.

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