Options for Keloid Removal on Ear?

How do I get rid of a about 1in Keloid on upper part of my ear? This Keloid was formed when I got my cartridge pierced. I want it gone. I will appreciate the advice on this situation. Thanks

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Photographs of ear keloid surgery and results

Keloid removal on the ear can be straightforward or complicated, depending on how much of the keloid involves the cartilage. I have posted photographs of ear keloid removal on my link below and the treatment options. 

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Keloid removal

Keloids may be difficult to treat due to their nature. If a keloid is just excised, if may reoccur and even be larger. I would suggest you see a board certified plastic surgeon who treats keloids. Injecting the keloid with diluted Kenalog as a series of injections may be helpful. Surgery then can be used to removed the keloid. Sometimes, radiation is needed after the removal to decrease the chance of reoccurrence. Good luck to you.

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Will reguire injections and excision

This a hard problem to treat. The best results obtain with steroid(kenalog) and 5FU injection before and after excision.Please see a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist.

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