Is There One Laser Treatment to Treat Multiple Skin Problems?

One laser (or IPL) alone ok to remove 3 different things? Can one laser (or IPL) alone cover: age spots, spider veins and wrinkles on hands? Or it's a different laser for each thing?

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Single laser for skin problems

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This is a very good but complicated question. First of all, IPLs and Class IV medical lasers are very different from each other. Although IPLs (intense pulses of light) can perform many different treatments, we believe that lasers are far superior in accomplishing long-term results. Lasers work by having a target (water, hemoglobin, pigment/melanin) that they seek, which is determined by their wavelength. This makes lasers very specific, efficient, and precise. IPLs, on the other hand, atttempt to have specific targets, but this is more challenging as IPLs rely on filters to obtain an appropriate wavelength.

Some practitioners find much value in combining both IPL and laser treatments. Now back to the question of whether or not a laser can accomplish several things: Yes and no. There are some lasers that are considered "platform" lasers wherein they have more than one condition that they treat. For example, our Sciton laser is able to treat vascular conditions (spider veins), hair reduction, and perform as an ablative laser for skin resurfacing with the Erbium MicroLaserPeel. However, these conditions are treated on different settings, handpieces, protocols, etc.

On the other hand, lasers may be targeting one specific condition but also allow for benefits in other ways. An example of this would be Q-Switched lasers. Our QYAG V/Medlite C6 lasers work by resolving pigmentation (freckles, sun damage, brown acne scars) but are also capable of stimulating collagen, mild skin tightening, and treatment of active acne lesions. Ideally, it is best to have a specific treatment plan that uses the most effective modality for each and every condition.

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