Help for my Old Lady Face!

i have sunken lines between the end of my nose to the corners of my mouth on a diagnol. also i have chin dimples. i'm a sagging old lady! what can i do to improve my face?

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Treatment of Facial Aging and Sagging

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You demonstrate several hallmarks of facial aging:
- drooping and deflation of the cheeks (resulting in the Nose to Lip (Nasolabial) lines and jowling (causing a square rather than a youthful upturned pear look of the face)
- Prominent Neck Pillars of the Platysma muscle with transverse banding
- Deep line lines
- Poor facial skin texture

No other procedure but a Face and Neck lift would restore most of these structures to their youthful position. Once that is done, further major improvement to the lip lines and facial skin texture would be obtained by facial skin resurfacing with modalities such as Sciton's Erbium Resurfacing (CONTOUR TRL).

Dr. P. Aldea

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Face Lift

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I agree with Dr. Rand that a face lift done by a skilled board certified plastic surgeon would do wonders for your appearance. Good luck.

Arnold R. Oppenheim, MD
Virginia Beach Dermatologist

Helping get a youthful face

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A facelift will make a nice difference for you.  Much of what makes you look older will be resolved by the surgery.  This is not a mini lift mind you but a real facelift done by a real plastic surgeon.  Check my photos on RealSelf for examples. 

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