What's the best way to treat PIH from acne-rosacea?

Been battling acne-rosacea for about 4 yrs now. photos show red marks from cystic breakouts that occur when rosacea is aggravated. managed to stop cystic breakouts by lifestyle changes. now need to repair damage. some of the marks are up to 2 years old. they're flat to naked eye. I hear vbeam is the way to go for this type of thing. my skin is ultrasensitive though. I just have doubts that if my skin can't heal a bit of acne properly, how can it heal from laser? professional opinion appreciated

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Treating Pigmentation Secondary to Acne and Rosacea

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Before you run and commit yourself to laser treatments, I would try some aggressive topical skin lightening options. Topical RetinA (tretinoin) definitely helps to improve more quickly the pigmentation. Hydroquinone (a bleaching agent) can also be used for spot treatment. There are other skin lightening options including glycolic, kojic acid, and Lumixyl to name a few. I would also recommend considering a series of superficial chemical peels (ie. glycolic acid) after having used the topical lightening agents for a good 3-4 months. 

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Micro needling can help acne rosacea scarring

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If you're fearful of getting laser treatments done then micro needling is an excellent option for you. There is minimal downtime with minimal to no negative side effects. If your scars have  a red undertone then IPL (intense pulsed light) may also be a great option to even out the skin.

Red Marks from Cystic Acne

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The best treatment for the redness from cystic acne is the V-Beam laser.  It will take several treatments one month apart to achieve the best cosmetic results.  If any of the acne scars are brown or hyper pigmented, you would also benefit from a mild hydroquinone and some light peels.  I would avoid Retin-A to any red scars as the Retin-A may make is more red and irritated.  Deep acne scars benefit from the Fraxel (1550) laser.  Please find a Board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience in cosmetic lasers for the best results.

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