Is It Normal to Have Deep Wounds After Laser Treatment for Xanthelasma?

I’m 4 days out from Erbuim laser treatment to remove Xanthelasmas from my eyelids. I had them removed about 3 years ago using a tool that burned them off. It left minor scaring so this time I tried laser. I’m concerned the treatment went too deep. Pictures I’ve seen on the internet from laser removal only touched the surface. I’m concerned that they are getting infected. I was told to keep Vaseline on them. Plastic Surgeon I saw said I don’t need to go back for a follow up. Help

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Xanthelasma and syringoma treatment

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The wounds look like they are healing by secondary intention and if you feel uncomfortable with the recovery, go back and speak to the physician who treated you until it is healed.  I treat xanthelasma with a small procedure that allows the wound to heal in a relatively short period of time. 

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