How should I calculate an ideal/goal weight that considers muscle mass?

I'm 5'7", have lost 110 pounds without medical supervision for weight loss or any surgery and when staying on track am losing 3 to 5 pounds per week. Regular cardio and lift heavy from 110 lb(bench press) to 240 lb (squats). I believe according to BMI it states I should aim for 140 to 150 pounds, but bod pod testing stated my lean body mass as 146 pounds BEFORE starting an exercise program, how do I calculate a goal weight that I don't have to lose muscle to achieve?

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Weight loss is all about losing fat and preserving muscle

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BMI is inherently inaccurate when considering muscle mass because it ignores muscle mass. A lean 5'7" bodybuilder weighing 240 lb at 5% body fat would have the same BMI as as someone with no muscle weighing 240 lb at 50% body fat. For greatest accuracy you should use body fat percent as your goal and choose a target of 15-20% if you are female. Learn to use calipers. It's cheap, practical and accurate.

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