Is Genesis laser treatment a good option to treat papular acne scars ? (Photo)

I have papular acne scarring. My dermatologist mentioned two laser treatments that she offers for scarring, one is Genesis and the other is Pixels. I understand they are two types laser, one more powerful than the other. My biggest two concern is side effects and recovery time. I am afraid I'll breakout, can that happen? Also, what's the recovery time for Pixel laser? At the end, I just would like to know which option is the best option for this type of scar. Please help. I would greatly appreciate it.

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Papular Acne Scars May Respond Well To Intralesional Steroids & Medical Microneedling

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Papular acne scars, like scars of all kinds, can be difficult to treat. That having been said, I have had success in the past in improving their appearance significantly by employing a couple of simple, quick and relatively inexpensive approaches. 

Since they are first and foremost elevated scars, they need to be flattened. This can often be accomplished through the use of intralesional steroid injections. Usually one to three treatment sessions--requiring only a minute or two for such a relatively small area as the nose--are required to achieve optimal results.

Often, simply flattening the scars in this way improves the overall appearance sufficiently to yield gratifying results. Medical microneedling (aka fractional microneedle resurfacing) may then be used, if still desired, to further blend the overall tone and texture of the treated areas with the surrounding normal skin. 

Alternatively, light electrofulguration to flatten the bumps, followed by intralesional steroid injections to keep them flattened, is still another approach. 

The results of relatively expensive laser treatments, in my experience, including fraxels, have proven underwhelming and their overall value far more backed by device manufacturer marketing hype than supported by hard science.

Best to seek consultation with a board certified aesthetic physician with expertise and experience in treating all kinds of acne scars and not simply places hawking this or that "next best thing" laser to come to market. Good luck.

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Acne Scars

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I prefer the eMatrix or Fraxel for this laser.  I find that these scars can be best addressed with these lasers.  You can be placed on oral antibiotics while this process is going on to prevent future outbreaks.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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