New Pitted Scar From Dermabrasion. 17 Days Post; is There Anything I Can Do to Help the Healing Process?

I had a few deep ice-pick acne scars on my cheeks & nose, so I decided to do dermabrasion. Unfortunately my plastic surgeon went a little too deep on my left cheek &created a deep scar that is 0.5 inch long & 0.20 inch wide. It has been 17 days post procedure and the scar is not as deep as before, but it’s still very noticeable. He told me to leave it alone for it to heal, but I’m afraid it’ll be a deep pitted long scar. Are there any creams that I can use now to help with the healing process? Thank you

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Pitted scar on cheeks

Thank you for the question and the photo. It is too early to determine the outcome of dermabrasion. It will take several weeks before all the swelling and redness to resolve and much more time for the scars to settle. So my advice for you is to wait and follow your plastic surgeon's instructions. Best wishes.

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