Any suggestions for raised acne scars/ bumpy skin across the nose? (photos)

Hey doctors, I'm 25 years old and I have been dealing with these nose scarings for a long while. At first it wasn't a bother, but overtime my nose started to accumulate more and more scaring. I used to get decent sized pimples filled with white stuff on my nose while in highschool. As they healed, after they poped or vanished on their own, I was left with skin scaring. It has always bothered me tho I tried to ignore it. So I figured why not seek some answers here? Hopefully I can.

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Microneedling (using a series of small needs to improve scars) has been very effective for us at my office to treat scars like this, even on the nose!

Acne Scars on Nose/Face

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I find that both the Fraxel and eMatrix are highly effective at treating these acne scars.  They work by different mechanisms, but depending on your skin type, both are highly effective and build new collagen and reduce scars.  Best, Dr. Green

CO2 laser can be very effective.

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Yes, I like the CO2 laser- I usually use this in fully ablative mode, fractional can also be effective. If scars are shallow, Erbium laser can help- especially with CO2 modulation. 

Infini has shown to be promising for open pores, however you may require a few treatments. 

All the best

Dr Davin Lim 
Laser Dermatologist
BRISBANE. Australia. 

Scars on the nose after acne

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I like to use the #Lumenis #Encore #Ultrapulse fractionated CO2 laser for scars on the nose and face. I find I can quite accurately plane the surface down with the laser. This is especially true of the nose because the skin is exceptionally thick so there is a lot to work with in terms of depth. It also heals very quickly. 

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