Does Nerium Skincare Actually Work?

My friend recently started selling NeriumAD skincare. I'm usually skeptical of "miracle" products, especially home business types, but the results look really promising as a way to get rid of my fine lines and crows feet. The "special" ingredient is from a Nerium oleander plant... do you think this could actually be for real, or is it just another way to waste my money?

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There are two things that make this product very suspect. First, as you said, it is sold through a home business. That means the products are not such that they are controlled as a drug by the FDA. This means that the ingredients do not penetrate to the deep cellular level of the skin, Therefore, that the product is disguising the skin's problems rather than treating them. This is also bourn out by the company's claims of significant improvement in only 2 weeks to 30 days of wrinkles (the thing that takes the longest to treat, even with a laser) and discolorations (also very difficult to treat). Even the most powerful and effective prescriptive products will not do this. I would forgo this and see a physician who specializes in skin rejuvention.

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