Developed Acne After Chemical Peels and IPL. What Are My Treatment Options?

i have been doing chemical peels of 20% and one beta peel of 15 % and have done three IPL lasers in between them over a four month period. I have developed bad acne and sores on my face from them, what can i do? I am doing them at an aesthetics centre who seem to know what they are doing? Please help me.

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Troubled Skin After Chemical Peels and IPL with Aesthetician

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I recommend you consult with a board-certified dermatologist so he/she can evaluate your skin and help you clear up the acne and "sores."  In general, I do not recommend patients undergo chemical peeling and/or laser treatments such as the IPL with aestheticians, who quite frankly, dont have the training and in-depth knowledge of the skin to perform such procedures. It is always best to be under the care of a board-certified physician and avoid these problems from the beginning.

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