What is This on My Lip? (photo)

This is my lip i have had this spot or cold sore for ages it wont go away could you tell me what it is i have put cold sore cream on it and sometimes it would go down put then come up again in the morning so could you tell me what i could do with this what is it and if what cream to use

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Persistent Lip Lesion

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Cold sores (herpes simplex virus) do not persist and never disappear. So if it is true that this is a persistent (let's say longer than 2 months) as opposed to a frequently recurrent lesion, then a cold sore is unlikely. A simple culture can be done to identify this virus. Then you have noted that the lesion changes in size. It suggests some sort of a vascular growth, perhaps an angioma or lymphangioma. You are going to need to visit with the dermatologist for a biopsy to determine what this is.  Very likely it is a benign growth but it should not be neglected. 


By the way, if I had no other information other than the photo, I would have thought it was a cold sore!


Good luck!

Fort Myers Dermatologist

Persistant lip sore

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It is difficult to make a diagnosis by a photograph.  I recommend seeing a board certified dermatologist for an appropriate evaluation.  It is possible that you may need bacterial or viral cultures to make an accurate diagnosis.

Cynthia Golomb, MD
Pembroke Pines Dermatologist

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