My 20 month old child bumped his head 2 weeks ago. Does he need sutures or repair? (photo)

My 20 months old boy bumped his head with the edge of the wall 2 weeks ago ,we went to the er and they glued the wound yesterday the steristrips fell off but I still can see the wound open and even there was like 2 drops of blood,does he need secondary suturing or repair and I am afraid that he will have a big scar ,appreciate your answers thanks

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Forehead wound

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Adam looks like he got quite a bump from the photo you sent.  From the photo, it looks as if the superficial layers of the wound have separated a little bit.  Not to worry-- the wound should heal just fine.  The resultant scar, however, may be a bit wider than it could be, and may be improved with scar revision surgery.  Some plastic surgeons may recommend completing this early, and some may recommend waiting for some time.  Talk with your pediatrician, and get a referral to a plastic surgeon in your area who is known for treating kids.  Best wishes!

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