How to Have a Smaller Waist and More Curves on Hips and Butt?

Hello Im a transgender woman that will like to have a more feminine body more curves smaller waist bigger hips and butt i live in miami and I'm afraid of the silicone injections what type of surgery i can have.... Im 27 Latina about 5'10 and 150 lbs Please help.... Thanks, Michelle Pazmino

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How to Have a Smaller Waist and More Curves on Hips and Butt?

First of all, I want to warn any individual contemplating silicone injections to the hips, butt, and anywhere else on their body to NOT have this done.  It can be extremely dangerous and even life threatening.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons does not support use of free silicone injections for a reason and that's for your, the potential patient, safety. 

Regarding improving one's hips and buttock, there are some techniques depending on your pre-surgical starting point.  Often, it's a matter of contouring the existing fat and knowing where to take fat away that makes the curves appear.  This and potentially fat transfer to the buttock can improve one's shape. Now the hips are more difficult to shape and may lead to limitations to improvements made.  Fat transfer to this region may not be as successful and fat placed in the butt due to the blood supply not being as robust as in the buttock.  If the improvements are less than adequate, then garments are made that can add shape to ones curves.  A good place to search for garments would be to look at some of the conference list of attendees. There are conferences I attend and lecture at that have specific vendors who provide these garments.  These conferences can be located on an internet search.  "Transgender conferences"

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