Will smoking a hooka affect my surgery? Also will being around unavoidable cigarette smoke affect my scars.

The hooka I smoke contains no tar, nicotine, or tobacco and I do not smoke it heavily only on like an every other day basis. The unavoidable cigarette smoke comes from my college classes. Well in between classes. But it is so bad the classes reek of smoke.

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Smoking and Risk in Plastic Surgery

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Thank you for your question. Quite simply put, no smoke of any kind is good for you. If you are taking material into your lungs, you can increase your risks for complications. Hookas do not have filters, therefore you actually are taking in tar and nicotine in most cases. Second hand smoke is as bad for you. But there is a difference in being around someone who smells like smoke and someone who is actively smoking. Stop smoking four weeks before and four weeks after your procedure and you should be fine. Smoking risks include infection, scaring, poor wound healing, tissue death (necrosis), and bleeding. Just say no.

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Will smoking a hooka affect my surgery? Also will being around unavoidable cigarette smoke affect my scars.

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There are more concerns than scars with smoking and surgery.  There is also anesthesia and healing of the surgery (smoking causes tissue loss).  You should avoid hookah and cigarettes for 2-4 weeks prior to surgery and until healing is secured afterwards.   

A quick google search will give you plenty examples of exactly why hookah is unsafe.

Smoke and Plastic Surgery

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Contrary to popular belief, water pipes like the hooka do not filter smoke, and if you smoke any organic material via a hooka you will inhale tar, nicotine and carbon monoxide. Similarly, second hand smoke is as dangerous as primary smoke. 
If you are contemplating elective plastic surgery, you should refrain from smoking anything for one month. Similarly, you should avoid being around others that are actively smoking.  The smell of smokers in class is different than their smoking outside of class.
Best of luck!

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Hookah Smoking and Surgery

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From what I understand about hookah smoking, there are indeed many different varieties, with different ingredients. Although I suppose that some forms of hookah smoking may not have a negative effect on surgery, I think that the safest course would be to stop smoking hookah for at least 4 weeks before surgery. Why take a chance?

In terms of second hand smoke, I don't think that being in rooms that smell of smoke, or near people that smell of smoke, would be a problem. You should try not to be close to smokers while they are actually smoking, and should avoid inhaling their smoke.

Andres Taleisnik, MD
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