Do Dennie Morgan lines go away with allergy treatment?

2 months ago I suddenly developed deep dennie morgan lines under my eyes. I am only 18 and they don't seem to be fading whatsoever. Are these permanent?

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Going Line-Free

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Dennie morgan folds are from allergies and do not go away with cosmetic treatment. so allergies need to be under control before cosmetic treatments will be useful.  However, lines under the eyes can be improved. In my practice I do a significant amount of Co2 and nonablative laser (ie fraxel) to the lower eyes along with skin care and fillers. I suggest you see an expert for evaluation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Can fade with allergy control and fillers - lasers

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YES, these dark patches under your eyes are due to the rubbing caused by allergies and eczema. Once you stop rubbing, the patches can fade. The use of fillers such as Restylane, Volbella and Belotero can decrease the lines and dark circles. Low dose lasers such as Q switched laser or Clear and Brilliant can also help. All the best, Dr Davin Lim. Laser Dermatologist, Brisbane, Australia. 

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