Can Anything Be Done for Massive Amounts of Scarring Due to 2nd and 3rd Degree Burns?

I was in a gas explosion several months ago, my torso and face are relatively unscathed but my legs are grafted from the knee down to the top of the feet and my hands are also grafted and are still undergoing work. My arms didn't receive grafts but are terribly scarred from the shoulders down. Can the texture and appearance of the grafted areas be improved and can the scarring on my arms be removed? I'm 51 years old and Caucasian. Thank you for your response, Jacquie

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Burn scars

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You need pressure garments and will likely have to wear them for a year or more. If you are currently only a month or 2 out from the burn and treatment the scars will worsen in the absence of a pressure garment.

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