Will I Have to Stop Taking my Lorazepam Prescription Before my Plastic Surgery Procedures?

I have been taking lorazepam for awhile now for anxiety. I know I will have bad withdrawals if I stop. I know they prescribe it before procedures. Will it make any difference if I have been on Lorazepam daily for a while now, basically, will this have any negative effects on my surgery or bring complications? PLEASE HELP. Thanks

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Lorazepam prior to procedures?

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As you clearly know, lorazepam (trade name: Ativan), is commonly a medication used for anxiety. In larger does, this type of medications also causes amnesia; this is good for surgical purposes!  You do not want to remember you surgery, and this is one of several drugs your anesthesiologist will prescibe to maintain amnesia of your surgical procedure.

This medication has no effect on healing.

You do not need to stop this prior to your operation, but you need to let your surgeon know that you are taking it, and also let your anesthesiologist know.  It will likely affect the doses of medications you need during the operation.  It can also effect you tolerance to pain medications after the surgery.  You may need more.

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Do patients need to stop sedatives before surgery

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For many of our patients we order a mild sedative before and after surgery as it helps with anxiety and may prevent blood pressure rises. It is very important to talk to ones doctor and anesthiologist to make sure they are aware of any medications you are taking.

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