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I am a 41 year old man. I recently had a bad cold - i think it may have been some kind of sinusitis. When I woke up the next morning, the skin above my nose and under my eyes was completely dry. The skin began flaking off. But the lines persist. I have been taking Sudafed for a couple of days in the hope that maybe my face is a bit puffy and this is causing the lines. When i pull the skin down a tad under my eyes the wrinkles do disappear. Using a moisturiser does help, but the lines are still there.

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CO2 laser is great for under eye wrinkles, however eyelid surgery is still the gold standard

A lot of people think that under eye wrinkles, bags, and/or discoloration get worse when they are tired, or when they don't have enough sleep, which may be true in certain cases, but the main reason is skin losing its elasticity due to aging, sun etc. Doesn't matter what the cause is, what matters is the end result. A well done eyelid surgery can and will correct all of the above changes (wrinkles, bags, discoloration), but it is a surgery. So if one wants to buy some time, and defer the eyelid surgery, then the next best thing for eyelid wrinkles is CO2 laser. Some physicians inject soft tissue fillers to correct under eye groove, which in my opinion is a wrong thing to do. It creates bumps, irregularities. So using a fractionated CO2 laser shrinks the skin right in front of your eyes. You end up with some redness few weeks, which can be covered up easily.

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