What's the Best Laser for Clearing Red and Brown Folliculitis 'Scars' (PIH)?

I'm 35 years old female, and used to shave my legs. I have many red and brown marks near my bikini line left following ingrown-hair/folliculitis inflammations. Some marks are very old and others are new. It bothers me so much. I want to get rid of them with laser. What is the best laser for treating these marks? Will it be the same laser for both reddish and brown marks? Is purpuric reaction inevitable following the treatment? Would it be realistic to expect a single treatment?

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Laser treatment for folliculitis scars

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First, the underlying trigger of ingrown hairs or folliculitis needs to be treated with Nd:Yag hair laser removal, particularly if there is post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation (PIH). Subsequent pigmented scar can be minimized by topical application of prescription-strength hydroquinone and/or Nd:Yag laser such as GenesisPlus or Spectra Laser. Purpuric reaction is typical of VBeam or pulse dye laser (PDL) but not of Nd:Yag laser. Unfortunately, it may take a few laser treatments few weeks apart to achieve optimal clinical outcome.

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