As a plastic surgeon have you noticed a difference between diet and the effect it has in skin?

My sister and I lost a lot of weight. I lost 130 and she lost 120 lbs. I am 25, she is 27. She cut calories drastically with cardio. I ate low carb and good fats with lots of strength training. She lost weight twice as fast. Our skin reacted differently to weight loss even though we have the same genes.I have much less loose skin, hers is all over. Is this because she deprived herself of nutrients and lost so quickly or would she have had the same results if she had lost the same way as I did?

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Skin looseness after weight loss

Hi adsevy.  I haven't noticed a consistent trend with dieting and skin looseness.  The collagen & elastin fibers, hyaluronic content, etc. of your skin changes throughout life partly from nutrient intake, but also from environmental & lifestyle damage (e.g. tanning, sunexposure, smoking, etc).  Especially rapid stretch results in stretchmarks where the skin tears and becomes crepe, and that skin is less likely to recoil with weight loss.  Repeated gaining and losing of significant weight can also take its toll on the skin's ability to rebound.  Your sister sounds like a candidate for some body contouring by a PS. Congratulations to you both on your weight loss & improved health!

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Loose ski

Everybody responds differently to weight loss. Your sister's skin is different than yours and you do have different genes. There's no way of knowing who will have loose skin and who won't. Good for you that you don't.

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