KTP Laser for Scar on Bridge of Nose

Years ago i had a small mole removed surgically on the bridge of my nose that left a scar. This faded nicely to my skins tone and wasn't noticeable. About 5 months ago i developed a cyst (pimple not sure) right next to the old scar that would not go away for over a month. My local dermatologist gave me a cortison shot that eliminated it in about two days. However, this incident caused my old scar to become purple and noticeable and the cyst left a small spot. Any advice on treatment?

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Steroid injection side effects will often resolve

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The development of blood vessels is due to several reasons.  One is that it can thin the skin thus the skin is ore like a window now to the blood vessels down below.  The injection can also stimulate the development of blood vessels.  However, based on your picture, I would give at least 6 months before deciding to do anything because these side effects often reverse themselves and the skin will go back to the way it was before.  This is not always the case, but it does happen most often.

So wait for at least 6 months and then you may want to consider pulsed dye laser treatment, not necessarily KTP.

Good luck

Naples Dermatologic Surgeon

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