Please help me diagnose this wrinkle problem (Photo)

Unfortunately the wrinkle can't be seen in the pic, that's why I drew the red line to indicate the position. I had them on the left and the right side of my forehead which is almost symmetrically a week ago . The wrinkles go from my eyebrows to my scalp. And I only slept on my back, not on the left or right side that night. The wrinkles were gone the following day, but it reappears again after this morning, and I only slept on my back. Thank you.

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Forehead Wrinkle

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It is hard to tell from the photo, but I would like to see how your muscles around the eye and the forehead move with expressions to determine what would be the best treatment. Also how deep the line is and whether there are vessels in the area. On filling etched lines on the forehead, I almost always combine Botox or Xeomin with a filler such as Belotero or Restylane. I hope this helps.

Thank you

Andrea Dempsey MD

Forehead wrinkle

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The wrinkle could represent skin that gets pinched as you sleep but as you stated you sleep on your back. Occasionally, we grind our teeth as we sleep- this could create a wrinkle appearance as a line of the temporalis muscle. 

Botox may be something to look into as well as some good skin care. If you do grind your teeth then a mouthpiece can help with that.

Lastly, since the wrinkle goes away after you wake up, it's likely not going to last as your sleep positions evolve!

Good luck!

Dr. Robb

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