Do I need a Photofacial? (photos)

i have some acne scars and dark spots on my face ,I had four chemical peels 6 months ago but i didn't notice any change in my skin ,will Photofacial help!!? thank you

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Photofacial in Los Angeles

Photofacials can help with existing acne, red scars, and brown pigmentation on the skin. IPL photofacials will not markedly improve atrophic acne scars. 

Dr. Karamanoukian 
Los Angeles

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon
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Pigmentation and acne scars

It is difficult to tell from the photos what is the exact cause of your increased pigmentation.  It could be related to inflammation from acne, from sun exposure or the type called mask of pregnancy (melasma).  Photofacials work best for removing sun induced pigmentation. Non ablative lasers would be best for the other types.  A topical "bleaching" agent and potent sun blocks are essential for optimal results.  Non ablative lasers would also be beneficial for the acne scarring. 

Richard Asarch, MD
Englewood Dermatologic Surgeon
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Stubborn Pigment and Scars

Hyperpigmentation and acne scars can be among the most difficult to treat. Without seeing you in person and judging from how the photos look, a series of at least 4 IPL/BBL photofacials, done 3-4 weeks apart could help with the pigment. I often tell my patients, "it takes a village" meaning no one chemical peel or laser treatment is the answer. It is a combination of effective, quality and consistent home care and regular, professional treatments. Using a retinoid/retinol/tretinoin creme with hydraquinone 2x-3x nights per weeks plus a good SPF with zinc will help whatever professional treatments you invest in to be more effective. As far as the scars go, some laser treatments CAN help, but it really depends on the type of scar and the depth of the scar. If it is just a surface pigmented spot, a laser can help. If its textured, pock-like scars or divets, the only lasers that may help are the CO2 or the Micro Laser Peel. It would be best to have a consultation with a trained professional to see what is the best treatment path for you. 

Peter J. Capizzi, MD
Charlotte Plastic Surgeon
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