What Kind of Procedures Will I Need to Remove Under Eye Circles So I May Chose the Right Specialist?

I have had horable ugly circles under my eyes since I was a very young child. In all of my grade school pictures I look very tired and unatractive. I am now 28 and thinking about cosmetic surgery to give me a little self esteem. I have yet to have anything done because cost is a huge factor. Please can you give me some guidance on the best way to correct my problem. Thank you

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Best Treatment for Dark Circles Under the Eyes

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Hi Ash,

Dark circles are a "dark" problem.  There is not a treatment that completely gets rid of dark circles.  If you have hollows under your eyes, then they can be filled with Restylane to help decrease the shadows.  There are creams, some better than others that can help a bit.  We like Teamine with our patients, both the dark cirlce cream as well as the tinted cover-up.  At least you can save some cash by not worrying about surgery.  If you find the cure to dark cirlces please let me know!

Good luck and be well.

Dr. P

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