Keloid Scar is Flat Now but Still Big, Need Advice? (photo)

Hello, i would like to know if there is any cream or new treatment to reduce scars. i had a surgery, inyections of kenalog and steroids, why helped with flattening the scar, but it was still red and sensitive. I went to see a doctor in beverly hills, who treated the area with a so called "laser beam and blue light" i honestly did not see any difference. I hate summers because i always have to cover up with something. Is there any treatment out there? Cream or something less invasive? Thanks in advance

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Keloid Scar Options

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Hi CG.  If the keloid is still sensitive (itchy) it may indicate that it is still growing, in which case more kenalog injections would be used.  

For redness, we would use a pulsed dye laser (a vascular laser).  We are located in Orange, CA and offer free consultations.  

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Keloids on the shoulders

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The shoulder keloid scar may still benefit from IIT, lasers, and topical skin lightening creams.  Keloids are chronic problems and will require long term management, unfortunately.  I would seek further care of the keloid and begin topical skin lighteners such as Melarase cream.

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