Facelift Keloid Cryotherapy? (photo)

Hello, ive attached a picture of my facelift keloid that ive treated several times with different methods unsuccessfully. My question is, if i treat it with Cryotherapy along with steroid injections, and it was successful; meaning the scar has completely dissolved, will the flat scar still be shiny underneath? And is it possible that i can also treat the part under my ear (which is flat and shiny) with cryotherapy too? My main concern is how it will look cosmetically after the treatment.

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Facelift scars and hypertrophic scars on the face can be treated with IIT, laser, and cryotherapy

Cryotherapy is one option, but conservative IIT and laser may improve the scar to a point wherein a much-needed scar revision is performed.  The scar now is widened, which may not improve until a scar revision is performed. 

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Facelift keloid scar treatment

My advice would be to consider seeing a dermatologist with expertise in laser surgery. Cryotherapy is an older treatment modality for scars that has largely gone out of favor. Lasers can help flatten and remove the redness in your scar over a series of treatments. 

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