Why do you have to remove piercings during surgery?

Why does Nail polish , artificial nails & gel polish have to come off ? why do piercings have to come out and ... Most importantly what do you do when you have a patient with a dermal piercing ? These are implanted piercings which usually have a ball or a gemstone protruding from the skin held by an anchor which has healed under the skin.

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Metal accesories and surgery

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Wearing metal accesories like rings, piercings and earing during a surgical procedure at the surgical room can make interference with the electrocautery, and it can cause undesirable burns in the transsurgical period. Nylon and Lycra underwear also can cause burns. That's why you are not supposed to wear them in the surgical room.

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Piercings and surgery

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In general, piercings are metal, and they conduct heat. In surgery, many times we use a cautery and this conducts heat which can then burn the skin over the metal piercings.

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