Any suggestions for forehead wrinkles and vertical eyebrow wrinkles at 22 years old?

I don't like the idea of getting botox every 3 to 4 months because that is very expensive for a college student. I also plan on getting restylane for under eye hollows. Is there any surgery that can just fix this for the long term? This is just putting a little pressure on my forehead and any expression I make on my face these all come out. Would a chemical peel help any? I used to use tanning beds so I think I have dun damage.

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Forehead and Brow Wrinkles in Young Age

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I have been doing botox for many years in young men, i can be done within financial reason and with good improvement.  I like belotero or restylane silk under young mens eyes.  Get this done with a cannula to limit complications.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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Forehead wrinkles

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The best treatment option for your concerns is Botox. These wrinkles (dynamic rhytides) are caused by muscle movement/facial expressions. To stop the wrinkle formation you must paralyze the muscle, which is what Botox does. There isn't a cream or chemical peel that will help with dynamic forehead lines. Chemical peels will help improve the color, texture, and tone of the skin.

Anne Marie Tremaine, MD
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Botox for forehead wrinkles.

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Hello A.  Even though you mentioned an aversion to using Botox, it is the best alternative for you.  The wrinkles are caused by muscle contraction and this is what Botox is designed to treat.  Chemical peels will not help.

to see examples of Botox injections in Orange County click on the before and after pictures link below.

Harold J. Kaplan, MD
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