Inner Eye Corner Wrinkles: What Helps?

I use botox for crow's feet, but it seems I have more lines now in the inner corner of my eyes (near the nose), especially when I laugh. I hate these crêpe-like lines. What can be done about them? Maybe not much? As I saw Charlize Theron in the movie 'Young Adult' and she had them too... (and the rest of her face is obviuously treated with botox and fillers) I do notice that after botox shots these lines seem somewhat less. It's been 2 months since my shots of 16 units now.

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it sounds like what you're noticing are what are affectionately known as "Bunny lines".  These are actually very easily corrected with small amounts of Botox injected into the appropriate area on the side of the nose.  I hope this helps.

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