Does the food with fat have any connection with acne?

I am 23 yrs old male. I have acne from my teenage. Still having. I tried oral tretinoin tabs. But couldn't notice much difference. Meanwhile i cut d sources of fat food from the diet. Assuming fat causes acne. But still am having acne. My question is does the food with fat have any connection with acne. Does foods like almond, cashew, groundnut, chocolate (dark & usual), egg with yolk cause acne if i include them in my daily diet.

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Dietary Help for Acne

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Diet change is  worth a try and would probably help to a degree with your acne. Acne in the minds of many nutritionalists is in large part a food-borne illness–that is, it is preventable by changing what you eat. Acne is non-existent in non-Westernized populations (such as the Inuit, Okinawa islanders, Ache hunter-gatherers, and Kitavan islanders, all of whom do not consume dairy products), suggesting that acne is largely, if not completely, caused by diet. A study in 2011 in Korea, which followed a total of 1285 participants (783 with acne and 502 as control), supports this idea, concluding that “a high glycemic load diet, dairy food intake, high fat diet, and iodine in Korean foods appear to play a role in acne exacerbation.”

Fat and Acne

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Diet has an important role to play in many skin disorders. Doctors and dermatologists are frequently faced with the difficulty of separating myth from fact when it comes to dietary advice. 

There are certain disorders where one or more components in food are central to the what is happening (like dermatitis herpetiformis.) There are many other disorders where diet might have a role to play.

In general, there is a lot of talk about diet, hygiene and sunlight exposure, and how this relates to acne. Surprisingly little well studied evidence exists. This means that we, as doctors, can’t be firm about telling our patients exactly what to do about acne when it comes to diet, face-washing, and sunlight.

The best thing is to give individualized advice.

In general:

-From a practical point of view, it is useful to keep a diet journal, and so *you* can decide how this affects your skin. 

-Use sunscreen! We know sun causes damage.

-Face-washing may help, and there are products that can be applied to skin that will assist with mild acne

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