I need a perfect solution to remove this permanently - There is a pimples on my forehead. (photos)

There is a pimples on my forehead and between my eye bros beside my side logs and beside the nose please help me for this to remove it permanently from my face

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Advice for treating acne

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Hi. So let's start with the good news. You have acne and this is the most common skin disorder on the planet. There are a number of treatments that can help control this.
You don't mention what you are using but the first step would be to introduce creams to exfoliate the skin, like retinol based products. You can also use antibiotic creams.
if this does not help, you may need antibiotic tablets.
Finally you may be a candidate for a medication called isotretinoin or accutane. This can be very useful but it does have side effects.
My suggestion would be to consult a dermatologist who can commence your therapy.
The bad news is that, at present there is no permanent cure for acne. It can reappear, especially during times of stress.
However, using the right combination of medication can be very effective in controlling it.

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