I Burnt Myself with a Flat Iron on my Forhead 2 Months Ago, Now I Have a Dark Round Scar? (photo)

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Dark forehead discoloration

This dark discoloration is something that we see daily.  PIH can cause resistant and persistent discoloration. 


Treatment begins with topical Melarase cream.  Melapeels once monthly can potentiate the lightening and improve results. 

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Scar on forehead

From the photo it is hard to tell if you have a scar or just a dark area on your forehead. If the skin is smooth it is not a scar. It would be called post-imflammatory hyperpigmentation. This will get better with time and the constant use of a sunscreen made of titanium or zinc oxide. Makeup will help cover it.If it does not revolve on its own in a few months, a bleaching cream with kojic acid or hydroquinone might help. I would see a dermatologist. If it is just a discoloration and not a scar, I would not recommend laser. It might just make it worse.


Vicki J. Levine, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon

Scars can be improved

Sorry to hear about your incident. I would recommend you see a board certified dermatologist with expertise in lasers. They can go over the various treatment options for you which include a few different types of lasers. Be careful of seeing nonphysicians or physicians who "claim" they understand lasers but do not have the formal training in the use of them. 

Omar Ibrahimi, MD, PhD
Stamford Dermatologic Surgeon
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