Hyperpigmentation Treatment for Brown Spots on Upper Lip?

I am a 37 year old female. I have brown patches/spots on my upper lip that seem to be getting darker. I have always used sunscreen on my face especially that area and it doesnt seem to matter. What can I do?

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Mild Case of Melasma

Based on what you described, you may have developed a mild case of melasma  I often see it limited to the upper lip but can also involve the cheeks and forehead.  Melasma is more common in women and is typically associated with pregnancy or hormonal birth control.  Sun and heat can flare it and make it darker.  Treatments are varied and usually involves using bleaching creams and tretinoin; chemical peels; and laser.  Sun avoidance is a must to help the color even.

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Treating Brown SPOTS with Sciton BBL/ IPL laser

IPL ( intense Pulse-Light) treatments can give varying results from treatment to treatment depending on how much pigmentation correction is needed. We refer to the blotches you refer to immediately after treatment as "coffee grounds" effects. These are most likely sun-damaged layers in the epidermis that will slough off within the first 1-2 weeks. Deeper pigmentation will continue to resolve over time and with successive treatments.l
We find that the Sciton laser is exceptionally effective at treating most skin types for sun-damaged and uneven skin color.

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Brow Spots

Neocutis makes excellent Medical Grade products. Products, Nouvelle and Perle improve texture and pigmentation at night while your skin is in repair mode. I would suggest doing those two along with Phloretin to your repair mode in the evening. I would also suggest adding Phloretin to your daily regimen and boosting the effects with an AFT treatment for lasting results.

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Treatment of upper lip pigmentation melasma

This is typically a condition known as melasma, which is regulated by hormones, sun exposure, genetics, and chronic inflammation. I commonly treat this condition with topical HRa. Some patients will require additional chemical peels to control melanocyte activity.

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Often the best treatment for pigmentation problems is chemical peels

Often the best treatment for pigmentation problems is chemical peels. There are many types of peels and the treament must be customized. Be sure to see a dermatologist who has a lot of experience in performing peels. He or she can also recommend the proper topical skin care program for you problem.

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