How Can One Pay for Plastic Surgery?

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There are many payment options for plastic surgery

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Most plastic surgeons require your bill to be paid in full prior to any cosmetic procedure. However, there are many options:

1. Cash / Check

2. Credit Card

3. Payment plans arranged through the doctors office.

4. Payment plans arranged through outside companies (CareCredit or MedChoice)

I would encourage you to discuss the payment options with your surgeon's office. Most offices are very accomodating and will be very helpful.

Payment Options

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Fees generally are payable prior to surgery. The options are numerious including cash, bank check, personal check, credit card, and financing.  3rd party financing companies such as CareCredit allow you to pay over time.

Payment for plastic surgery

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Payment is typically requested in full prior to the procedure but other alternatives include personal checks, credit cards, doctor sponsored payment or financing plans, loans via financial instititions, etc.

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