How Can Someone Get Rid of Dark Circles Caused by Broken Blood Vessels Under Their Eyes?

 I have no scars, but the blood accumulated under my eyes and I still have a blueish bruise under my right eye that will not go away. My left eye is a little better. I look as if I have very bad dark circles under my eyes, as if mascara or liner had run in those areas. My skin type is medium. I tan easily. I'm 36 but before this I looked 26. I have healthy skin but I do have some brown freckles/sunspots.
This has been very frustrating for me. I never had to use any kind of concealers or base before this. And they do not cover these bruises - just make them less dark. Now I can't go anywhere without makeup - it's almost like been afraid to go out - I feel I have to hide my face. People at work are worried and ask questions, so do my friends and family.
Before this I was considerd a very beautiful woman. I only want to look as I used to. The nature of my accident was very traumatic and I have to remember what happened to me every time I look in the mirror. I don't want to live with an eternal reminder of what happened.
My doctor told me blood had accumulated and the body might take a longer time to eliminate it, but it might not and it could stay like that. It's been 3 monthas already and it seems it will not go away.
I will like to know, due to the nature of my dark circles, what are the alternatives I should consider. Laser?
Thanks for answering.
D. in Puerto Rico

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Treatment of dark circles from broken blood vessels depends

You may be misdiagnosing yourself. If you are of dark complexion, sometimes trauma to the skin can cause the melanocytes to produce more pigment for quite a while (many months). If you wish to send a photo of the involved area, I can probably give you a more informed opinion.

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