Is there a faster way to get rid of my acne scars on my African American Skin?

These scars came from childhood chicken pox, rashes, burns , and cuts

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Pigmented skin requires special care

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Please see a board certified dermatologist with experience in treating scars on darker skin. The treatment must be done slowly, combining a potent retinoid and doing conservative peels and SilkPeel dermal infusion. I tend to avoid bleaching agents as they can bleach normal skin faster than the discolored skin.

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African American and dark spots and scars

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It will take a long time to treat this hyperpigmentation and scars.  You need a combination of chemical peels and bleaching creams for at least six months.  Cosmelan may be very effective as well for the hyperpigmentation.  The scars will be treated with eMatrix as the best method.  Best, Dr. Green

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