Is there any other approach than surgery that will leave lasting results? (photos)

I am 18 years old and I have been having cellulite since middle school and it is embrassing and uncomfortable when you have to wear multiple clothes underneath your wardrobe to hide it. I have one huge dent on each side of my buttocks and cellulite on both as well. I've heard and researched the many surgeries that will help with it but I cannot afford it. Is there another way I could get rid of this? And if so how? Are the results temporary or permanent?

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Cellulite on an 18 year old body

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I appreciate your concerns, but there are other factors you must consider. Your body is still changing and growing, one cause of stretch marks. It will probably continue to change for a couple of years, so you don't want to rush to treat something that may improve or even go away on its own! Start out with a good moisturizer daily, and a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Stop stressing about these perceived flaws and start embracing the wonderful physical and mental attributes that I am certain you possess. Hang in there!

Best Options?

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Thank you for your question.

For treating #cellulite, my office typically recommends one of three treatment plans: #Cellfina, #VelaShape III, #ThremiSmooth.

#Cellfina is the newest technology and probably most effective. It is a minimally invasive one-time procedure under local anesthetic that removes the fibrous bands under the skin that cause fat to bulge through creating the appearance of cellulite. The results are fairly #permanent.

#VelaShape and #ThermiSmooth are #non-invasive #bodyshaping products that can help reduce the appearance of your cellulite over the course of multiple sessions.

Book an in-person consultation with a #BoardCertified #PlasticSurgeon to determine which treatment plan is right for you.

Best of luck.

Seeking cellulite treatment

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It's hard to see based on your pictures submitted whether or not you have true cellulite. Obtain a consultation from a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist in your area experienced with Cellfina. They can examine you to see if you are a candidate for this treatment and discuss options with you in detail.

Is there any other approach than surgery that will leave lasting results?

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There is only one truly effective and proven lasting cellulite treatment out there, and that is CELLFINA. All of the other lotions, potions, creams, treatments, radio frequency devices, including Cellulaze, are at best, mediocre, and, in many cases, completely worthless. Cellulaze is a laser-based procedure that has a much higher complication rate, as well as a much lower patient satisfaction rate, so that answer is pretty clear. CELLFINA is the only cellulite treatment that has a proven track record of 96% patient satisfaction at 2 years post treatment. Nothing else is even remotely as effective as Cellfina. I have attached a link to my website, explaining how this remarkable system works. There are patient testimonials and schematics reviewing the details of this remarkable breakthrough treatment. Also, Cellfina is a single session procedure that is done under local anesthesia with little to no pain! Thank you for your excellent question.


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Cellulite is caused by connective bands woven throughout the fat that pull down the skin, creating dimpling seen on the skin’s surface. It is genetic in nature. Some people can loosen the tension on these bands by decreasing the amount of fat between the skin and the underlying fascial connection. Others just have cellulite and are skinny.

The Cellfina procedure is a minimally invasive one that numbs the area around the dimple on your buttocks or thighs, and then treats the connective bands woven throughout the fat that pull down the skin, creating dimpling seen on the skin’s surface. The Cellfina cellulite procedure works by precisely treating these tethered bands, causing them to fully release. Similar to a rubberband under tension, once released, the treated skin bounces back to smooth itself out in as little as three days.

Weight gain or weight loss should not affect the outcomes and the results have been seen for over 2 years (if not more). It is truly a really exciting new technology that most women can benefit from.
For the transverse skin wrinkles that often happen on the front of the thighs, I recommend Pellefirm treatments. I would also do Pellefirm treatments on the backs of the thighs and buttocks for improved skin over the Cellfina-treated areas.

Lasting Results After Cellulite Treatment

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Great question and until the FDA approved the Cellulaze, the answer was no.  Cellulaze is a LASER device that is the only FDA approved device for the treatment of cellulite that goes beyond just the temporary improvement of cellulite.  It can be done while your awake, very comfortably using local (Tumescent) anesthesia.  Basically the device works in three ways:  (1)  It lasers down the small bulges, (2) It uses a side cutting laser action to cut the bands that cause the skin to indent, (3) It uses the laser to tighten the skin in this area.  It typically can achieve somewhere between 50% to 70% improvement in your cellulite, though every person is a little different.

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