Can You Give Me Some Information on the Scars That Darken Due to the Effects of Chemotherapy? (photo)

I received chemotherapy in 1991. The chemotheray that was administered was; Cysplatin & Bleyomicin. I am in my 21 years cancer free : ) of stage III cervical cancer. Since then when I get a small scratch, when it heals the area, becomes darkened and may be bigger than the original scar. Is there a creme that I can apply that you know is good, in diminishing the scars or permanent solution?

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Chemotherapy discoloration and darkening of the skin

Chemotherapy can darken some areas on injection sites.  A safe medicine to use is a topical cream called Melaquin PM, which should even out the color of the skin in this area.  Although it may take months to even out the tone of the skin.

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