Not losing weight? Any help?

Hello, So I'm quite confused and honestly frustrated. So for the past year I've been trying to shed of at least 5kg. I currently weigh 77kg and I'm 161cm in height (female that is). I go to the gym every day and if I miss a day I make up for it the next. Recently I've been trying out the military diet for the past two weeks and I've been walking 10km + ab workouts everyday whilst on the diet. The scale shows no results and neither does my physical body. Any help?

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Sleeve gastric!

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Hello dear, thanks for your question.You are a good candidate for this procedure if your BMI is over 32. At this point bariatric surgery is the best option for patients with obesity tipe 2 and 3 to lose weight. Is the option that last more, and more efficent. Some times patients do the mistake having a plastic surgery when what they need is a bariatric surgery. I suggest to make an appointment with a Board Certified for a personal evaluation. Good look.

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Not losing wt

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weight loss is a matter of matching your proportions to your age, eliminating simple carbs and restricting your intake to fruits, meats and veggies. Working out is for tone and cardio 

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Weight loss begins in the kitchen, not in the gym

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If you want to lose fat, you need to eat less calories than you burn. To keep from getting hungry, the food you eat should be high in protein and low in carbs. Getting an accurate estimates of the calories you burn and the calories you eat are important. Use a Fitbit and a calorie tracking app to get on track.

Not losing weight, any help

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Hello Jenna. Thank you for your question. At a weight of 77 Kg and a height of 161 cm, your BMI is 29.7, which puts you in the overweight category. However, with the degree of physical activity you describe, it is possible that the BMI results may be overestimating body fat. A reasonable way to assess that would be if you measure waist circumference. This may provide more insight in your "true" BMI as well as possible risks associated with excess weight.

Having said that, if you were to lose 5 Kg as you wish, then your BMI would be27.8, which will still keep you in the overweight category.

It is possible that your muscle mass is such that accounts to a significant proportion of your weight. 

In order to consistently lose weight and keep it off, you need to modify your diet to contain less carbohydrates. Perhaps a complete change in exercise routine may be useful. At times the body gets used to certain exercise routines and diets and will "accommodate" to the metabolic demand.

Write down your diet and eliminate high-glycemic products, use only complex low-glycemic carbohydrates (fruits, grains, vegetables), avoid eating carbohydrates 2 hours before bedtime, and modify your exercise routine to include high intensity activity for short periods followed by a very short resting period and repeat for approximately 30 minutes a day. I believe this will be useful to you significantly. 

Best of luck

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