What can I do to help my stretch marks/vein appearance after breast augmentation? (Photos)

I had surgery September 22nd, 2016... it has only been two months but I'm so ASHAMED to even look at my breasts. They looked amazing the first week post op because they were so big but now the swelling has gone down and stretch marks have formed all over as well as very prominent veins and its so ugly. I feel as if I just wasted 5600$ to make my boobs look worse. (I have been using Palmers stretch mark cream as well) I'm SO upset with my new boobs and wish I never got them done. Please help.

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Breast augmentation and stretch marks

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Hi thanks to share your concern.The prominent visibility of veins and mild striae is due to large implant and tight skin.As it is only 2 months do give enough time of atleast 6 months for the breast implant to settle.over a period of time it will fade.However if they persist longer and it bothers you a lot you can opt for lesser invasive procedure to make it less obvious ,but it cannot be completely corrected.In the mean time you can use scar modifying creams and lotions.good luck.

Stretch marks (early) and veins from breast augmentation

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I would try using the Excel V laser for this. PRP and microneedling is also worth a try with the stretch marks. The stretch marks are hard to treat. The veins should respond nicely. Infini can be used for more stubborn marks as well.

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